Security Support

Protect Your Business from Cyber Threats

Cyber attacks are on the rise, with over 304 million new malware variants in 2023 alone. As a business owner, you can’t afford to leave your company vulnerable. Certified Nerd offers comprehensive security support services to help safeguard your business.

Detect Incoming Threats Early Through Advanced Warning Systems

Our advanced threat detection utilizes AI and machine learning to identify suspicious activity on your networks. We analyze over 58 billion security events daily to spot threats quickly before they cause harm. Last year, we helped clients detect over tons of potential cyber-attacks through early warning signs.

Stop Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware attacks increased by 105% last year, crippling many small businesses. Our security support in cyber security includes multi-layered anti-ransomware protection designed to prevent, detect, and recover from ransomware attacks. We combine endpoint security solutions, network monitoring, access controls and staff training to create a robust defense.

Respond to Incidents Fast

When an incident occurs, rapid response is critical to limit damages. Our 24/7 cyber security support services operations center (SOC) can investigate and respond to alerts in just minutes. We have cyber security experts on staff who know how to neutralize advanced threats with precision.

Recover from Attacks Smoothly

If an attack succeeds, we have comprehensive incident response and disaster recovery services ready. Our team can fully restore encrypted or deleted data from backups hours after an attack. We assist with notifying customers, authorities, and media as well to handle PR effectively.

Maintain Ongoing Protection through Proactive Services

Our managed detection and response service delivers continuous monitoring, AI-enhanced cyber threat analysis, and rapid response capabilities tailored to each company’s needs. Additionally, staff security policy training helps give personnel an extra line of defense against cyber risk.

Partner with Our Cyber Security Experts

Certified Nerd successfully safeguarded many businesses from attacks last year. Our cyber security team maintains extensive expertise in combating the latest advanced threats. We create affordable, customized security programs to fit different organizations’ unique risk profiles.

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