Security Metrics

Why Security Metrics Matter?

Effective security requires constantly monitoring your systems and networks for threats and risks. However, trying to keep track of all those complex metrics manually can overwhelm even the most dedicated security teams. That’s why cyber security metrics frameworks that automate data collection, analysis, and reporting are essential. That’s where we come in. We’ve got your back when it comes to security metrics. Our team expertly monitors dashboards, reports, and security metrics to keep your systems fully protected. We’ll let you know about any shady business going on and make sure you’re protected 24/7.

Know Your Full Cyber Risk Exposure

A key element of any security program is continually tracking your overall cyber risk metrics. This includes calculating your risk surface area based on vulnerabilities and threats and determining the potential business impact. Our automated dashboards ensure you know your cyber risk posture via key benchmarks like risk exposure, potential loss, recovery days, etc. Monitoring these security metrics gives essential context around vulnerabilities and allows smarter prioritization.

Here's What We Provide:

  • Continuous Monitoring: Our automated tools, scripts, and analysts monitor your systems 24/7, so you don’t have to worry.

  • Exposure Tracking: We’ll calculate your risk and exposure metrics, so you know where you stand security-wise.

  • Prioritized Vulnerabilities: No more wasted effort trying to fix every little vulnerability. Our reports highlight the worst ones to patch first.

  • Anomaly Detection: Our systems use advanced analytics to spot abnormal behaviour right away so we can stop attacks.

Between firewall logs, endpoint alerts, vulnerability scans, and other tools, the volume of metric security data can quickly become overwhelming. Trying to keep up with 10,000+ daily alerts alone creates more noise than signal. We compile and combine data from all your tools to filter out noise and reveal what truly matters security-wise. Our smart analysis spots trends and priority issues so you can focus on fixing the biggest problems.

Why Choose Certified Nerds

When it comes to simplifying complex security metrics, Certified Nerds have the skills and experience to protect your business. Our team maintains round-the-clock monitoring tools to track security awareness and user activity. By detecting spikes in anomalous user activity faster and highlighting awareness gaps through metrics, we enable quicker response to emerging threats. Our depth of expertise in managing security operations centers empowers insight into the measurements that matter most.

For reliable security metrics and improved risk visibility, Contact Certified Nerds now!