Managed Updates And Patches

In today’s evolving digital landscape, cyber security threats are constantly risky. Organizations face a big problem – constant, advanced attacks targeting weaknesses in their computer systems. As technology grows, so do the ways people can break in, making strong cyber security crucial for protecting data, keeping things running smoothly, and earning trust. Recent research shows that 80% of cyber attacks happen due to unpatched software vulnerabilities. These cyber-attacks could have easily been prevented through timely patch management software.

Our Managed Updates and Patches service addresses this challenge by proactively fortifying your IT infrastructure. We specialize in safeguarding against vulnerabilities, ensuring your systems stay secure, compliant, and resilient against the ever-changing threat landscape. The average time to detect a breach is 201 days. However, effective patch management lowers this number to just 60 days on average.

Importance of Patch Management in Cyber Security

Patch management as a service enables organizations to automate and streamline the patching of software and systems in a cloud-based environment, enhancing security and through regular software updates and patch management, they ensure that software stays up-to-date with the latest patches and updates. Patch managers are crucial for various reasons and essential to patch management best practices.

They are essential in improving security because they address software vulnerabilities that lower the probability of cyberattacks. Patch management is crucial since companies must follow strict compliance guidelines in the face of growing cyber risks. Beyond bug fixes, patch management includes updates that enhance features and functionality, ensuring you have the latest offerings from your software.

Why Choose Certified Nerds for Managed Updates and Patches?

With Certified Nerds as your Managed Updates and Patches partner, you can focus on your core business activities with the confidence that your IT infrastructure is in capable hands. Stay ahead of cyber threats and guarantee the longevity of your technology assets with our comprehensive and reliable service.

Give us a call and stay secure and up-to-date with our expertly managed updates and patches!