Managed Cloud Security Posture Assessment

The hazards of data breaches, compliance lapses, and other security threats are increasing along with the expanding use of cloud computing. With Cloud security posture management, enterprises may get a complete picture of their cloud security and can take proactive measures to address security vulnerabilities before they become exploitable. According to a report by Gartner, misconfiguring the cloud environment is a common mistake that can lead to a data breach. By employing Cloud security posture management solutions, you can reduce cloud-based security incidents caused by misconfiguration by 80%.

Steps Certified Nerds will take to implement CSPM Security in your Organization.

We will perform 6 steps to implement CSPM in your Organization:

Step 1: Perform a security assessment

To find security vulnerabilities, infringements on compliance, and incorrect setups in your cloud environment, first, we will conduct a Cloud security assessment.

Step 2: Specify the security measures.

Establish access restrictions, data encryption, network segmentation, and other security measures in your cloud environment security policies.

Step 3 Construct a CSPM solution.

Construct a CSPM solution that satisfies your company’s security needs. Solutions for CSPM can be deployed as hybrid, on-premises, multi-cloud, or SaaS.

Step 4: Integrate the CSPM solution

Integrate your cloud environment and CSPM solution. This entails setting up the solution, including granting access and credentials to your cloud environment.

Step 5: Address security concerns

Correct any security vulnerabilities found during the security evaluation. CSPM solutions give remedial recommendations; however, to fix any problems, you might need to adjust your cloud configurations or security policies.

Step 6: Continued surveillance

Maintaining your security posture in the cloud requires constant monitoring. By giving you real-time access to your cloud environment, CSPM solutions enable you to identify and address security vulnerabilities as soon as they appear.

Why it is Important to take Cyber Security Assessment and Consulting Services

The original generation of CSPMs was known as Cloud security posture assessment. Although CSPMs use automation at several degrees, ranging from simple job execution to the advanced usage of artificial intelligence, CSPAs concentrate mostly on reporting. Both have their importance and are essential for an organization. The global cloud security posture management market is expected to grow from $4.2 billion in 2022 to $8.6 billion by 2027 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15.3% throughout the forecast period. It shows that Organizations and businesses are realizing its importance as it helps in visibility, detection, and response to misconfigurations and helps you maintain compliance.

At Certified Nerds, we aim to give the best cloud security posture management solutions by constantly monitoring cloud risk through detection, prevention, reaction, and forecasting potential future danger locations.

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