With more businesses shifting to the remote world, the need to map out a strong security strategy has increased manifolds. As of 2023, 12.7% of full-time employees work from home while 28.2% have adopted a hybrid model.

Today, the business world needs more advanced security techniques to protect their onsite and remote network. Even though, securing endpoints is often left unchecked or not paid much heed.


Endpoints are the most common and one of the easy targets for hackers to get into your data. A cyber attack at a single endpoint can cause your system breakdown and leakage of confidential information.

With the evolution of hybrid and remote working, more devices have been connected across networks and thus require advanced preventive measures by organizations against cyber threats.

Protecting endpoints increases manifolds for small businesses. In fact, 43% of the endpoint attacks are targeted at small businesses.

The average cost of a data breach is USD$4.24 million globally and USD$9.05 in the United States, according to the Ponemon Institute’s “Cost of a Data Breach Report 2021” (Commissioned by IBM).

Any attack on your endpoint not only costs you customer turnover but also business loss and a bad reputation. Companies falling prey to endpoint attacks require a certain amount of time to resume their operations fully.

In fact, protecting endpoints has been the priority of major companies in the market like Fujitsu Ltd, Panasonic Corp, and eBay Inc.


With the ever-evolving digital world, securing your endpoints is the need of the hour. No business can foster itself if the endpoints are not in safe hands.

Therefore, Certified Nerds provides you with a complete solution to secure your endpoints.


At Certified Nerds, we map out a broad range of strategies, services and solutions to manage your endpoints. We have a skilled staff protecting your information utilizing EPP, XDR, EDR and other advanced tools to prevent unauthorized access to your data.

Our advanced software and tools detect and respond to malicious files in real-time to secure your confidential information.


Protecting your servers and networks is much more cost-effective with certified nerds. We provide heavy top-notch security to your networks while charging less than any other market available.

Heavy In Protection, Light In Cost!


At certified Nerds, our trained professionals hold the expertise to detect any malignant file coming toward your traffic. The threats are not only detected but also cured and prevented before reaching the targeted files. All the security operations are performed vigilantly to make sure your business is in safe hands.


Our professionals have experience in dealing with any kind of endpoint threat that you may encounter including phishing attacks, ransomware,  malware and device loss. A  multi-layered cyber security strategy is employed, incorporating advanced threat detection, proactive vulnerability management, and rapid incident response to potential cyber-attacks.


Threat Intel solution not only detects but also prevents malignant files from accessing your data and confidential information. Another layer of protection is added by data encryption of your devices.

The global average cost of a data breach in 2023 was USD 4.45 million, a 15% increase over 3 years. 51% of organizations are planning to increase security investments as a result of a breach, including incident response (IR) planning and testing, employee training, and threat detection and response tools.

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