These days, all companies store valuable data online that hackers want to steal. In 2022 alone, over 4 billion records were stolen globally! No business is immune from data security risks. That’s why rock-solid protection tailored to your needs is crucial. Certified Nerd offers complete customized data security solutions to lock down sensitive information.

Block External Cyber Criminals

Last year, attackers compromised billions of records externally. Our data security controls start by hunting technical flaws that let hackers slip in undetected to steal data. Our experts use scans and audits to rapidly find and fix vulnerabilities before criminals leverage them.

Prevent Internal Employee Mistakes

1 in 4 data breaches originate internally from staff mishandling information accidentally. We implement access controls, encryption, and secure file sharing, along with security awareness training to prevent mistakes from becoming disasters.

Spot Suspicious Activity Quickly

Over 68% of breached entities take months to detect it happened. Our monitoring flags unusual access immediately for our SOC to investigate per security frameworks. Early threat intelligence detection enables rapid response.

Confirm and Contain Breaches

If a breach is suspected, our experts urgently determine, how it occurred, plus what data is impacted based on digital forensic evidence, then isolate compromised systems to limit damage per response protocols.

Restore Data Availability

Our resilience services utilize secure, redundant offsite backups so that should ransomware, crashes or errors disrupt operations or data integrity, we can swiftly piece back together corrupted information and restart systems with minimal downtime or permanent damage. .

Partner with Seasoned Experts

Our team offers experience from across highly regulated industries to design comprehensive data security solutions tailored to your specific technical environment and maturity level that meet your needs long term.

Data is a vital asset in the digital world, but vulnerable. Certified Nerd provides customizable protection so you can operate technology safely. Let’s team up to lock down your critical information!

Contact us today for a customized data security solution fitting your business needs and budget!