With the the rise of AI and the world’s shifting towards technology, cyber threats have become a continuously evolving problem. So, it has become crucial for an organization to take routine cyber risk and threat assessments. It keeps the company up- to- date about the recent threats it faces, and allows it to respond immediately to these threats. In the first six months of 2022, 2.8 billion malware attacks, and 255 million phishing attacks were reported, and the number of cyber-attacks recorded daily was 2200.

Instead of conducting  risk assessments as a checklist, as you would for a computer security audit, risk analysis should be done in the context of your organization’s business objectives. To help security teams start putting security controls in place to mitigate vulnerabilities, cyber risk assessment enables you to obtain a high-level analysis of your network’s vulnerabilities.

It is a must-have service for all businesses, regardless of size. The simple reason is that even without critical information, your company’s weaknesses will always be exploited as an entry point for attacks against other businesses. There are many ways through which network security assessment can be done. Penetration testing, Cloud Security Assessment, Endpoint Security, and Compromise Assessment are a few of the best ways.

Canada & UK Cyber Security Market Trends

The Canadian & UK Market is also becoming a victim of these cyber threats. The main reason is that Canada’s cyber security industry needs more skilled employees. For example, the ISC2 2021 Cyber security Workforce Study shows that there were 123,969 cyber security professionals in Canada, compared to 1,142,462 in the United States and 300,087 in the United Kingdom.

This demonstrates a shortage of skilled workers and the consequent high demand for additional professionals to sustain the market.


Certified Nerds provides network, email, and endpoint security and fully managed SOC (Security Operation Center) services. Cyber security vulnerability assessment, risk and incident response, penetration testing ,information security assessment and cyber security employee awareness training are some of our consulting services.

With over ten years of experience in the field, we defend our clients’ data from hackers and phishing scams by utilizing the most recent tools, strategies, and technologies. Certified Nerds is one of Canada’s & UK leading cyber security providers trusted by 335 companies, we take pride in eliminating over 889 cyber threats.

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